Learn astrology with me!

Workshops & webinars

Learn about astrology through my live or pre-recorded workshops and webinars.

Esoteric Adventures' Astrology Groups is a concept consisting of digital meetings in intimate groups of four, running over 8 weeks. The whole idea behind the astrology groups is to work closely with my clients through astrological counseling, while incorporating a focus of increased astrological learning. I want my clients to develop their understanding of astrology, while also deepening their connection to themselves. 


  • My webinars are pre-recorded lectures which will guide you through different topics so that you can learn astrology in a practical and understandable way.

  • In the library you will also find a few free webinars which you can download for free and view whenever you want!


  • My astrological workshops are digital live-streamed events which you attend together with others in smaller groups (max 10 participants). 

  • During these sessions we discuss astrological topics and you'll learn how to apply certain astrological techniques to your individual chart. 

Workshops & Webinars

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